Many people would be surprised to learn at how broad the definition of assault is in Ontario.  For the police to have grounds to lay a charge of simple assault, you don’t even have to touch another person.  The mere threat of applying force to another person without their permission is enough for the definition of assault to be met.  Under the Criminal Code, an assault is the intentional application (or threat of application) of force to another person without their consent. Therefore, assault does not have to result in physical harm. Related charges include Assault with a Weapon, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Aggravated assault, Sexual assault and Assault Peace Officer.

The firm has successfully handled a variety of assault cases, both simple and complex- from bar fights, to assaulting peace officers, to domestic disputes, to more serious cases involving weapons or bodily harm.  Know that if you have been charged with Assault, you may have a number of defences available to you.  Get informed by reviewing the circumstances and facts surrounding your case with a lawyer.  The consequences of being found guilty of an assault can be detrimental to you and your family.  The hard reality is that the difference between acquiring and avoiding a criminal record can often depend on your choice of counsel, their commitment to your case, and their desire to meet your goals and expectations.  Your reputation, your livelihood and your freedom are all on the line.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with an Assault, contact me to review the case with you. The initial consultation is free.

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Cases Related to Assault

  • Drug and Resisting Arrest Charges Withdrawn Related to: Assault, Charges Withdrawn, Domestic Assault, No Criminal Record, Possession of a Controlled Substance

    After a long night of drinking at a bar, N.G. was staggering home when he was approached by the police who, after speaking with my client, gave him a ticket for being intoxicated in a public place.  My client was upset by this and spat in the officer’s face.  This in turn upset the officer who attempted to arrest N.G.  An altercation ensued and my client was ultimately arrested and charged with Assault Resist Arrest as well as Possession of a Controlled Substance since they found marijuana in his pocket.  My client admitted to me that he had issues with alcohol and agreed to go for treatment.  He also participated in a drug diversion program in return for having the Possession charge withdrawn.  I was then able to convince the Crown that my client was addressing his problems and that he was a good young man with a bright future.  The Crown ultimately agreed to withdraw the assault charges against my client in return for him doing some community service. [CHARGES WITHDRAWN][NO CRIMINAL RECORD]

  • Convenience Store Owner Assault Charges Withdrawn Related to: Assault, Charges Withdrawn, Convenience Store, No Criminal Record

    My client ran a convenience store and was concerned with a particular group of kids that he felt was stealing from him.  One day he confronted a young girl about this in the store.  A short while later, the police showed up and arrested my client for Assault.  The girl had gone home and told her mother that my client had yelled at her and tripped her as she exited the store.  After negotiations with the Crown, it was agreed that the Crown would withdraw the charge against my client in return for him entering a peace bond for one year with the condition that he not communicate or have any contact with the girl.

  • Entertainment District Assault Charges Withdrawn Related to: Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Charges Withdrawn, Entertainment District, No Criminal Record

    My client was charged with several counts of Assault and Assault Bodily Harm stemming from a brawl that occurred at a club in the entertainment district.  After a meeting with the Crown prosecutor and a judge where I argued that the Crown would have a very difficult time proving the charges against my client considering the chaotic scene at the club and the alcohol involved, the Crown agreed to withdraw the charges against my client in return for him entering into a peace bond requiring him to stay out of downtown Toronto for one year.  This was not a problem for my client who did not reside in the downtown core and had no reason to go there.

  • Theft and Mischief Charges Dropped, Conditional Discharge for Assault Related to: Assault, Conditional Discharge, Theft, Weapon

    My client had been charged with Assault with a Weapon, Theft and Mischief stemming from an incident that occurred at a convenience store late at night.  My client had already received two conditional discharges on separate occasions for similar types of offences.  My client told me he was innocent of the theft and admitted to the Assault although he told me that it was not as bad as the victim alleged. There were two innocent bystanders who witnessed the incident so my client stood little chance of being acquitted at trial.  After negotiations with the Crown, the Crown agreed to pull the theft and mischief charges and my client entered a guilty plea to the assault with a weapon after the Crown amended the facts that my client would admit to.  After submissions to the judge, my client received a conditional discharge.