College Park

Toronto – College Park 444 Yonge

Toronto Criminal Lawyer Norm Stanford represents clients charged with serious indictable and summary offense matters in the Ontario Court of Justice at College Park and throughout Toronto and most of southern Ontario.  Consultations are always free and Legal Aid is accepted.

Toronto Courthouse
444 Yonge St., College Park -2nd Fl.
Toronto ON M5B 2H4

Criminal – Ontario Court of Justice:    416-325-8950
Crown Attorney General Line:    416-325-8994

Norm Stanford regularly appears at the College Park courthouse where he has successfully defended clients on a variety of matters.  His primary areas of practice include the following:

Drunk Driving ChargesImpaired, Over 80, Care or Control, Refuse Breath Sample
Domestic Assault Charges:  Allegations of assault involving partners and spouses, Bail Variations so that you can go back home
Assault Charges:  Simple Assault, Assault Bodily Harm, Assault with a Weapon, Aggravated Assault, Sexual Assault
Theft Charges:  Theft Over $5000, Theft Under $5000, Breach of Trust, Shoplifting, Price-Switching
Fraud Charges:  Debit Card Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Skimming, Construction Fraud, Employee Fraud, Breach of Trust, White-Collar Fraud
Violent and Property Offences:  Uttering Threats (Uttering Death, Uttering Bodily Harm), Robbery, Break and Enter
Drug Offences:  Simple Possession, Possession for the Purpose of Distribution, Trafficking