Motorcycle Dangerous Driving and Flight from Police Charges Dismissed

Posted in Criminal Driving Cases, Dangerous Driving

My client was charged with Dangerous Driving and Flight from Police.  It was alleged that N.M. was riding a motor cycle at more than 190 km/hr on the 404 and that when a police cruiser attempted to pull him over at a stop light on an exit ramp, N.M., took off at extremely high speeds and got away.  The police got the license plate of the bike and interviewed the registered owner who claimed that my client was in possession of the bike at the time of the incident and that my client had confessed to him everything that the police alleged had occurred.  At trial, after my cross-examination of the owner of the bike, I exposed several inconsistencies between what the witness had told the police in a video recorded interview and his testimony at trial.  Ultimately the Crown invited the judge to dismiss the charges against my client.